WebSticky (Beta Version) Internet Explorer Toolbar

For all those IE users who have been missing out on the convenience of a toolbar interface for WebSticky, we have have used Toolbar Studio (also used by AOL and web.de) to create an IE toolbar.

This toolbar is offered WITHOUT WARRANTY or IMPLIED FITNESS FOR PURPOSE. Use of this toolbar is ENTIRELY AT YOUR OWN RISK. We will accept no liability for any loss or damage direct or indirect to persons, property or data howsoever caused resulting from you downloading, installing or in any way using and abusing this toolbar. We don't even like Internet Explorer; we would like you to use an Open Source product like Firefox (for which we wrote the original WebSticky toolbar).

With all that said and done, you can install the WebSticky Internet Explorer toolbar in one of two ways:

We are a little bit dubious about the Online installation; if in doubt, we would advise downloading and running the EXE.

Please do not ask for installation support as, whilst we are very AIX/BSD/Linux/Solaris savvy, we know very little about Active X, the internals of Internet Explorer, or what Bill and Melinda Gates had for breakfast. Go see your friendly Microsoft Support Provider.